Broadmeadows Observer SPORTING ROUNDUP 090292

Broadmeadows Observer SPORTING ROUNDUP 09/02/1992

A good round for the Seniors with the 1sts, 3rds & 4ths having wins. These names may be familiar, Dennis 'Buzza' Jenkins, even though the paper prints him as Jennings, 53 & Lionel Fernando [legend of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, in the 1960s, father of major sponsor Dilshan & Captain Coach at the time] 67 in the 1sts winning score of 7/205 against Keilor Park 199. We then have Rick Lloyd taking 5/53 in the 3rds crushing win over Aberfeldie Park, whilst a 'handsome' opening batsman by the the name of Mark A. 'Ollie' Chambers, in his 1st game in two & half years due to injury, scores a typically gritty 35, also against Aberfeldie Park, to help the 4ths get over the line. But it could have been 50 or more if not for the decision made by his runner Peter Maratous. Peter decided that 'Ollie' had had enough of a bat & that someone else should have a go, hence the fact he didn't bother to run when there was an easy single on offer!!! 'Ollie' has never forgiven him!

Left to Right - Dennis 'Buzza' Jenkins, Ricki Lloyd & Mark A. 'Ollie' Chambers